MoodTracker: Empowering patient-physician communication to increase cancer care and treatment outcome

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Improving the relation and outcome for patients and physicians.


The MoodTracker App supports patient-physician communication via an intuitive interface. It captures current situations, feelings, needs and wishes. The app records and tracks the patient's self- assessment and helps to make the most out of every doctor's visit.

The intuitive user interface enables any patient - independent of education - to communicate the necessary information. The app can be used by the patient while in hospital, at home, or waiting for an appointment with the doctor. With the app, the patient can capture how she/he feels (about nutrition, pain, fear, treatments, side-effects,..) without words - simply by swiping over the different topics ranked by smileys.

When at home, the app can be used to capture patient mood daily. When sent to the treating physician, the app helps to evaluate the option to call in an appointment or another required intervention.

Secured by mobile two-factor authentication, the patient-centered application offers the highest possible privacy. The patient owns the data and gives access to the data shared, while the physician can easily integrate the patient data into the existing EMR of the health facility.

The PLUS for the Patient: Individualized, integrated treatment.

More time: for patients to assess their situation and physicians to capture the patient's real situation. This enables doctors to respond with optimal changes in treatment or further interventions for the patient.

Increased trust: Knowing that the attending physician uses the same app helps to build trust and confidence to ask the relevant questions.

Better self-care: The patient is more aware of his or her own health and becomes empowered to take actions.

Better informed: Patients can learn from the given resources on app about evidence-based research.

Better planning: Patients keep track of appointment and medications using a personalized calender.

Secured Patient ID via smartphone app with two-factor authentication and integrated in existing EMR systems.


The PLUS for the Physician: Unbiased patient mood recording for better treatment outcome


Increased patient satisfaction: The empowered patient who is asking the right questions is a happier patient.

More new patients: More referrals from happy, established patients to potential new patients

Increased capacity and saving time: The physician can capture the patient's real situation faster, and can focus and respond to the need in real time

Continuous care and instant changes: The physician can instantly adapt the ongoing activities for the patient. The app connects to the health facilities' pharmacy and nurse stations to evaluate and adapt medication/pain/nutrition dosages in receipts and in the medical records.

Secured Patient ID via smartphone app and integrated in existing EMR systems

Moodtracker Team: Experienced and global

Heidrun Kirsch


Frankfurt, Germany

Gerhard Kober

Business Planner

Vienna, Austria

Mohamed Mamdouh


Cairo, Egypt

Mahadev Potharaju


Chennai, India

Vonivate Ratugolea


Suva, Fiji

Eckhard Ortwein

Entrepreneur (Bitstarter)

Wiesbaden, Germany

Our journey: just begun


Over the last few months, our "Life+" team from the Mobile health without frontiers class at Stanford University has developed the idea of the MoodTracker app to improve patient/physician communication.

During this summer, this "Bitstarter" Crowdfunding website was developed as a result of a Startup Programming class at Stanford University.


We have developed a mockup of the mobile app and the Moodtracker website. Our mockup specifies the mobile app logic and the back-end functionalities. To validate our idea further and get funding for the product development, we want to develop a prototype.

Our team has the capabilities and commitment to develop the prototype as soon as we have the required funding for it. Getting closer to launch, the name and design of the final product may alter. The feedback of the Stanford team (expected in mid-September 2013) is expected to speed up the implementation process for our prototype even further.


Your financial support will allow us to develop, test and promote the mobile app and the corresponding website. We intend to win the commitment of high-profiled cancer centers to make the mobile app available to patients worldwide.

Our globally distributed team and our connections to cancer organizations will help us to make MoodTracker successful and to improve the treatment for cancer patients in return. Please help us to make that a reality!

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MoodTracker is a secure mobile app to empower the patient-physician relationship via an intuitive interface. It records and tracks the patient's self- assessment and helps to make the most out of every doctor's visit.
MoodTracker can improve patient/physician communication leading to a more patient-centered cancer care and treatment with a better outcome for both.
MoodTracker was developed by the Life+ team of Stanford's "Mobile health without frontiers class" (June-Sep 2013)
MoodTracker is a secure mobile app with an intuitive interface to capture the patient's feelings, needs and wishes. It is easy to use by any patient - independent of education - and at any location - while in hospital, at home or waiting for an appointment. The patient's unbiased Moodboard empowers the treating physician to capture the patient's real situation faster, offering individualized care in any situation (in clinic or at home) - with the option to call in an appointment or another required intervention.